2020 speaker lineup



Sanjay in real life is a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State University.  He has been a reef addict since 1992 and currently keeps a 500g SPS dominated reef.  He also co-manages the 500g aquarium at Penn State.

Dr. Joshi is actively involved in educating the hobby on various topics such as lighting, aquarium system design and general reef husbandry through his publications in reef magazines and lectures.  He has published articles in magazines such as Advanced Aquarist, Reefs Magazine, Coral, Fish and Reef Annual and Aquarium Fish.  He has completed speeches in the US, Europe and now Canada and was awarded the MASNA award in 2006 for his contributions to the marine aquarium hobby.



Mike has been keeping marine tanks since 1980 and reef tanks since the mid 1980's.  During the past 35 years he has written over 300 articles on marine fish and invertebrates for both the US and Europe.  Magazines he has written for include Aquarium Fish Magazine, SeaScape, Practical Fish Keeping, UltraMarine, Aquarium Frontiers, Coral Magazine, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium and AquaMarines. His first book "The Modern Marine Aquarium" simplified marine fish keeping for beginning hobbyists while at the same time incorporating advances that had been made due to reef keeping.  His second book "Ultimate Marine Aquariums" illustrates how far the hobby had advanced during its first 15 years.  Micheal has enjoyed speaking at over 200 marine societies and national conferences in North America, Canada, South America and Europe. Michael has a B.S. from Dickinson College and a Masters Degree from Yale University.  He has also been a technical consultant for several equipment manufacturers and online companies.  He has recently retired from the biotechnology industry